02 May 2010

Nifty : Volatility to Expand?


plenipot said...

Thanks for a good post and sharing an indicator which isnt tht popular.

My gut feeling (although thts not allowed while trading) is that the world is crying for a violent downturn and India can do nothin but oblige and this indicator is fodder for this feeling

Tarique Anwar said...

the VIX which is a measure of fear, is near the bottom of its historic range. every now and then we get a news which spikes the VIX but the dip is fiercely bought, looks like a lot of money is in the sidelines and people are still wary of selling as there is nothing else to buy which can give a good return from current levels. many feel that there is one blowout buying left. it may or maynot come, but what is almost certain given the amount of risks that is floating is that we may see a severe crack. lets see which indicator points to it first!

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