12 September 2010

Nifty : Weighted Volume Analysis

The chart above shows 3 distinct value range for Nifty Futures in September series. The first minor support level is the range between 5570 and 5610. Below that we have a major support around 5460 to 5510 and after that another minor support around 5400.

Though there is no immediate fear of any major correction, minor dips to these levels can be expected, and should be treated as an opportunity to get in. Though if 5450 is broken there is a much higher chance of 5400 support to be tested.


Forecasting Markets said...

Markets as of now seems very overheated, i think its best to wait for correction before initiating any buying
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Tarique Anwar said...

the way market is being pushed up by easy money from the west, market can be in this insane mode for much more time. there has to be a trigger for a correction, which should also come from west.

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