23 April 2011

Technically Speaking : Gathering Steam ?

Above is the chart of page views of this site since May 2010. As you can see it was negligible in May and June 2010. July 2010 was the watershed month as page views jumped from next to nothing to just under 500. Since then the following of this site has increased consistently and March 2011 saw just under 2000 page views.

For a blog which started only in late August 2009, dealing with a very narrow field, catering to a narrow audience, I think this is a commendable achievement. But this would not have been possible without your great support. I hope to carry on and improve the effort I have been putting, so that you can get best of its kind analysis of Indian Markets. CHEERS !!


Amit R said...

Great Work !!

mo h said...

Hi Tariq,
Wow, great response to a good-stuff blog :)
We would wish to see these unique posts,
have a great season!
And, thanks for your analysis and bird's view of wider perspective.

manu said...

yes boss..
" i m loving it"

do u wrk n jp morgan?

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