19 November 2011

Nifty : Channeling Challenge

Last week's market action has caught the bulls off guard. After the October rally November was expected to be a follow through month or at the most a consolidation period. Well, taking market lightly never works!

Above is the weekly chart, the crack below 20 week moving average, shows that the bullish momentum is long gone and its time to beware of the bears. The other important observation is Nifty's inability to even challenge the upper trend line. This shows that Nifty was weak in its up move and the down move would be harsher!

Obviously all hopes are now on 4700 providing the support. I have generally seen, when some kind of level is over watched the market tends to ignore it and catch most people on wrong foot. So we can expect no support there (bulls would be crushed) or Nifty not at all reaching there (bears would be fooled). I believe the former to be more likely. The ultimate trick the market can play would be to fool both bulls and bears, which would be crashing below 4700 stop out all bulls and suck the bears in and then rally furiously much higher! This would be the toughest scenario to work on and "the vigilant" would be rewarded.

Another point I would like to make is about volumes. I know that the F&O volumes have been quite high, but the cash market volume is certainly pathetic. You can see how whole of 2011 have been on quite low volumes. Traditional technical knowledge suggest that a sell off on low volumes is a sign of correction in a predominant uptrend. But there is another aspect of it, low volumes can also be a reason for concern. Low volumes means there are less sellers with conviction, but it also means there are less buyers with conviction. So the correction with lower volumes cannot be taken for granted to be a dip to buy in.

I will be surprised if 4700 provides a great deal of support in coming weeks. The lower trend line is one to be watched and in case it breaks, well, welcome to the panic street!


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