19 December 2010

Market the Timing !

Some stats, more for fun than anything else! All the data is from July 1990 for Nifty.

Never knew after February (budget rally), it is December that has given the max return! Also what is it about Wednesdays?!


Amit R said...

That is interesting!! I thought that December gives the least return.

Tarique Anwar said...

rathi dude.. it could be a dull market in west, but festive season looks to be eventful for indian market, check out october's performance!

Rajib said...

Quite Interesting?
But on what basis did you calculate the return?
Is it (EOM Close / SOM Close - 1) of Nifty?

EOM: End Of Month
SOM: Start of Month

Tarique Anwar said...

i used (close of last trading day of month - open of 1st trading day of the month)/close of last trading day of previous month. quite complex, but exact. basically you are saying that you go long at open of 1st day and close your position at the last trading day..

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