21 December 2010

Seasonal Effect : December Vol 2

The below table shows that last few days of the year has not been really "dull" as it is claimed to be. Though there has not been large movements we can see some good movements which cannot be said to be completely dislocated with the entire years performance. Check the data and you see why I am completely against the thought that holiday period is devoid of interest to a trader!

The below charts show the volume distribution since 1997. December volume average also has been at par with the entire year and at times even crosses the yearly average. Concerning factor is the decline of volumes (entire year) from 2009 into 2010.


alphabet1 said...

Only if we could get the median-average instead of mean-average for the year ?

Still a very nice presentation.

Tarique Anwar said...

hardly matters what mean you are looking. bottomline is market is at its most dangerous form when it is expected to be dull.. i am sure in coming days we are going to see its wilder side..

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